Register your yacht now

Register under
polish flag

Register your yacht within 24 hours,
It's possible!

Registering your boat in Poland has its advantages!

The registration process is simpler than in most other countries,
no inspection is necessary, and best of all, it's valid for life!

This registration is fully legal and valid throughout the world.

Finally, you can start sailing without waiting for official documentation. All you need is a provisional registration.
BarcoPolo has selected Poland as its country of registration because the documentation required is minimal.
and easy to obtain. One of the many advantages of registering a yacht under the Polish flag is that no prior inspection of the vessel is required, unlike in other countries where such an inspection can be expensive!

Anyone can own a yacht under the Polish flag. 

It is not necessary for the owner of the yacht to reside in Poland or even in the EU. The owner's place of residence has no impact on the boat's registration.

We can register your boat with a provisional registration (fully valid for use) within 2 to 5 days, from the time we receive all the necessary documents.

If you're in a hurry, we offer express registration within 24 hours*.  

This provisional registration has no limitations and is already fully valid in the event of an inspection by the maritime authorities.

(valid after validation of the order between Monday and Thursday before 5pm)

We can register your vessel in Poland for private use, bareboat charter or commercial use.

The cost is the same for all 3 categories. You also have the choice of registering as an individual or as a company.